Release Notes


Version 1.0 alpha

 January 2023

- Initial private release of the first alpha version

Version 1.0 beta

 March 2023

- Initial public release with 850+ sections

Version 1.1 beta

 April 2023

- 39 new Feature sections
- 27 new Hero sections
- 18 new Navigation sections
- 18 new Pricing sections
- 12 new Gallery sections
- 100+ improvements to existing sections
- 100s of tags added

Version 1.2 beta

 May 2023

- 90 new Feature sections
- 200+ improvements to existing sections
- Rebuilt Footer sections to fix missing layers bug
- 100s of tags added
- 100s of layers named

Version 1.3

 June 2023

- Added preview pages for all individual sections
- Added the new Guide page
- Added the new Updates page
- Applied Bootstrap Dark and Light themes to all sections
- Fixed issues with button active and focus states
- Optimized custom classes
- Improved mobile optimization of many sections

Version 1.4

 July 2023

- Added 30 new Footer sections
- Added 3 new Home page templates
- Added 3 new About page templates
- Added 3 new Contact page templates
- Added 3 new Features page templates
- Added 3 new Pricing page templates
- Added 404 page template
- 150+ small improvements

Version 1.5

 September 2023

- Added new CMS section category
- Added 66 Blog List sections
- Added 24 Blog Post sections
- Added 18 Blog Related sections
- Small improvements

Version 1.6

 October 2023

- Added new Specials section category
- Added 39 404 Error sections
- Fixed horizontal scrolling sections
- 50+ small improvements

Version 1.7

 December 2023

- Added 69 new Event type FEATURE sections
- 120 sections updated to better support of global styling
   (global radius, colors, etc)
- Implemented the new horizontal scrolling (requires Blocs 5.2)
- Lots of small improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.8

 February 2024

- Fixed overflow issue with animated scroll sections
- Added 30 horizontally scrolling Testimonial sections
- Added 3 horizontally scrolling Feature sections
- Many small fixes and improvements
- Started laying down the foundation for the next major version
   (Version 2.0, to be released in 2024)

Version 1.9

 April 2024

– Added small improvements to sections with horizontal scrolling
– Added 42 new Contact sections
– Improved existing Form sections
– Renamed existing Form sections to Contact
– Continued to lay down the foundation for the next major version
   (Version 2.0, to be released in the summer 2024)

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Customer Testimonials

What Blocs users say about us

WOW!!! Eldar…this is a game changer for Blocs, for all users and people building a lot of websites for now doing so with speed and with a flawless delivery.

This has taken Blocs and its options to a new level…first templates…now tempKIT!

Amazing work. Be very proud!


Blocs Community

Eldar has created an elegant solution to allow us to create websites quickly, and efficiently!

I salute Eldar’s determination and hard work!

This is a great step in bringing Blocs to many more users.

Rich the Weather Guy

Blocs Community

Eldar, we’ve come to expect great things from you and over the years you have helped and guided many of us with your fantastic videos but this time you’ve gone nuclear! As others have said, this is a game changer and actually takes Blocs to a whole new level. I wholly congratulate you, and thank you, for the endless hours you must have spent developing this package. Well done my friend, I wish you enormous success in all you do.

David Smerdon


I can see this being the perfect add on for a web designer who might want to offer cheap, minimal, fully optimised websites delivered same day. It's really impressive work, it deserves to be part of Blocs and it could be the star of the show. Bravo Eldar, hope it sells like hot cakes!

Graphics Guild


Eldar! I just watched your Minimalist Blocs video and it’s absolutely amazing work! You have covered every field required for a website, it’s going to make such a difference building websites with Blocs app! Thanks for all your hard work, we really appreciate it!

Nick Matthews


@Eldar Wow. Just wow.

This is a veritable game changer for the entire Blocs ecosystem.

You’re rightfully the Blocs Master.

Brecht Ryckaert

Blocs Community


Questions & Answers

Read the answers to some of the most popular questions.

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create beautiful and modern websites without the need to write code.

Blocs Master is an independent company run by me (Eldar Gezalov), which focuses on helping web designers master the Blocs app by providing a series of high-quality video courses, premium templates, custom blocs, custom libraries, and other services. It also provides the web design services to small businesses.

Indeed, we publish fresh sections and updates to the current ones every 28th of the month, enabling you to design attractive and up-to-date websites using the Blocs app.

All updates are free for all members, and if you have purchased the Blocs 5 version of the library, you will receive all of the updates for the Blocs 5 version of the library for free.

Absolutely! This is precisely why I developed this product. My aim is for you to build a million websites using this incredible product, ensuring that your return on investment exceeds 100,000%!

We support the following payment methods: Cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada), PayPal, Alipay, iDEAL, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Wire Transfers.

Yes, you can cancel your membership plan at any time using the link in the membership confirmation email, or by emailing All memberships will be canceled at the end of the next billing cycle.

In the event that you terminate your membership, no portion of the fee paid for your annual term will be refunded. If you have any billing inquiries, please reach out to our support team at

After the membership period ends, you will lose access to all content; however, you can still use the content you downloaded during the subscription cycle.

No. You can use the library to create unlimited websites for you or your clients, but you cannot use it to develop templates for Blocs 5.

Other questions?

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