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Minimalist Library Ver 2.0

The fastest way to create websites in Blocs

If you've used Blocs app before, you'll love the Minimalist Library. It will allow you to create professional websites in hours instead of days or weeks.

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Hey everyone,

I'm Eldar, creator of Blocs Master, and I'm excited to introduce the Minimalist Library for Blocs—a game-changer that saves time and effort in web design.

Building a website often involves repetitive, time-consuming tasks. The Minimalist Library solves this by offering high-quality, fully optimized, and beautifully designed Blocs that can be quickly assembled into a website. You can easily adjust global styling, typography, buttons, and more without starting from scratch.

Unlike traditional templates, the Minimalist Library lets you infuse your unique style into your website while saving 90% of the work. It lets you focus on your content, message and vision without the usual headaches. It’s like having a professional designer and developer at your fingertips.

Plus, once you purchase the Minimalist Library, you'll receive free updates for life, including all future versions for every Blocs app.

Welcome to the future of web design with Blocs.
Welcome to the Minimalist Library.

Eldar Gezalov

Creator, Blocs Master

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People really like the Minimalist Library — here’s what they’re saying.

I've been using Minimalist Library since the day it came out, and I don't build a website without it now!

The prebuilt sections have everything you need to quickly put a website together, and of course with the power of Blocs if you want to swap or try different sections it's just a case of removing and adding a new Bloc.

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Nick Matthews


WOW!!! Eldar…this is a game changer for Blocs, for all users and people building a lot of websites doing so with speed and with a flawless delivery.

This has taken Blocs and its options to a new level…first templates…now tempKIT!

Amazing work. Be very proud!

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Adrian Hughes

Blocs Community

I recently bought the Minimalist Library, and I must say that it has completely transformed the way I use Blocs.

Its functionality is simply magical! Without intending to sound rude, I strongly believe that Blocs should come with this package by default.

Minimalist Library is the most practical and efficient addon I have ever used.

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Albert Kinng

X / Community

We’ve come to expect great things from you and over the years you have helped many of us with your fantastic videos but this time you’ve gone nuclear!

As others have said, this is a game changer and actually takes Blocs to a whole new level.

Thank you for the endless hours you must have spent developing this.

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David Smerdon



Do I need to purchase the Blocs app?

Yes. To build websites with the Minimalist Library, you must have a purchased and installed version of the Blocs app on your device.

Is the Minimalist Library only for simple websites?

The name "Minimalist" might suggest simplicity, but the Minimalist Library allows you to build both simple and complex websites. You can customize and style them to meet any project's requirements.

What is the price and payment options?

Access the library with a one-time payment of $149 or a Blocs Master Membership for $129 /year. The membership also offers premium templates and video courses.

Are future updates included?

If you choose the one-time payment option for the Minimalist Library, all future updates and new versions are included for free. Blocs Master members receive free updates and new releases as long as their membership is active.

What Blocs app versions are supported?

You can use the Minimalist Library on the latest versions of the Blocs app, including Blocs for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Is customer support included?

Yes, you can submit a request for assistance with the Library here. Blocs Master members can also receive other help related to Blocs.

Can I use the library for commercial projects?

Absolutely! This is the purpose of our product. You can even build and sell premium Blocs templates if you purchase the Creator License.

Blocs Library was created by Eldar © 2024 Blocs Master. All rights reserved.